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Please contact us at for a complete description of any of these programs. We offer a complete service in customizing training programs for groups and organizations. In fact, most of our programs combine elements of the programs you see here, customized to fit the particular organization.

  1. Applied Business Ethics
  2. Applied Strategic Planning
  3. Assertiveness Training for Managers and Supervisors
  4. Building a High Performance Team
  5. Building Memory Skills
  6. Counseling and Coaching Techniques for Supervisors and Managers
  7. Cultural Diversity: What Every Supervisor Should Know
  8. Dealing with Difficult People
  9. De-fusing Violent Situations
  10. Effective Interviewing
  11. Getting More Done Through Delegation
  12. Handling Customer Complaints
  13. How to Plan and Run Productive Meetings
  14. How to Manage Conflict in the Organization
  15. How to Use Psychological Evaluations in the Workplace
  16. Motivating and Promoting Creativity
  17. Organizational Excellence
  18. People Skills for New Managers and Supervisors
  19. People Skills for Office Managers, Administrative Assistants, and Secretaries
  20. Persuasive Negotiation
  21. Preventing Staff Burnout: A Manager's Guide
  22. Preventing and Responding to Violence in the Workplace
  23. Stay at Work! Return to Work: Preventing Stress Related Workers Compensation Claims and Promoting Healing
  24. Stress Management
  25. Take Control with Time Management
  26. Total Quality Management
  27. Train the Trainer: Mixing Basic Skills and Content Specialties

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