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Qualified Psychological Consultants

Choosing a psychological consultant resource is not easy, primarily because there are few who are qualified in dealing with criminal justice issues. Management and Behavior Consultants has been providing consulting services to criminal justice agencies for almost 20 years. The President of MBC, Dr. Wayne Hill, is a former veteran Dallas Police Officer and is well acquainted with both traditional and current problems facing organizations within the criminal justice system. Dr. John Haskin, MBC Program Services Development, has been associated with law enforcement agencies since 1980 and has been a participant in numerous joint and team projects with Dr. Hill.

Service Excellence

At Management and Behavior Consultants we believe service excellence is the difference. Having spent years serving the needs of the criminal justice community, our organization has remained dedicated to meeting their needs. Whether through advanced planning, proposal development, or responding to emergencies, night or day, we have been there when called upon. Our assistance has taken many forms some of which we have listed below.

Administrative Staff Selection

hoosing the right leaders for an agency is a critical building block for agency success. Organizational savvy is not enough; it is also important to choose people in whom others have confidence and will follow. MBC has helped with the selection of agency chief administrators, managers, and supervisors at various levels. We have helped identify personnel problems, needs, and difficulties and provided suggestions for solutions.

Training and Staff Development

anagement and Behavior Consultants has conducted administrative and supervisory staff development seminars and training and has presented numerous advanced training seminars for agency personnel at all levels. We have assisted with conflict resolution and in team building, including the assessment / understanding of worker personality styles, how to utilize and focus on team member strengths, and how co-workers and team members can communicate more effectively with one another. Additionally, we have worked to improve police community relations.

Psychological Assessments

We are routinely employed to assess psychological fitness of newly hired personnel. And, when it does not present a conflict, we have performed fitness for duty evaluations for a varieity of needs including emotional distress, posttraumatic stress disorder, unsatisfactory performance, co-worker conflict problems, and assessment of risk to the community / self and other employees.

Employee Assistance

We can provide employee assistance services to agency members who are having emotional or psychological health difficulties. Problems range from the common and ordinary relationship and family disharmony to occupationally induced difficulties. We can assist with emotional effects in the aftermath of a traumatic event. There are other very common traditional problems associated with law enforcement and corrections work with which we can help, such as anxiety, depression, and substance abuse and addiction. We can assess more severe emotional difficulties and mental illnesses. In cases of severe emotional disorder or substance addiction or illness, we are aware of various facilities and resources for referral and can provide aftercare requirements if needed.

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