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Candidate Selection

Selecting a suitable candidate for your organization is critical and difficult. Employers face applicants with college degrees who have practiced sophisticated interview responses. How can you avoid misinformation, find the "real" person behind the mask, and pick the best candidate from a number of qualified persons?

Management and Behavior Consultants can make the difference. No single test will provide enough data for such decisions. That is why we evaluate candidates in five areas relating to their mental health:

  • Intelligence
  • Neurological problems
  • Critical thinking and judgment
  • Basic academic skills
  • Emotional illness and stability

Management and Behavior Consultants can also help you choose the right person for key promotional positions. We look at fundamental supervisory and management skills in depth. If you provide a clear job description, we can provide a detailed picture of each candidate's strengths and weaknesses, management and conflict resolution style, and leadership abilities, then make recommendations.

We use written, objective and projective tests, and face-to-face evaluations to deepen our knowledge of each person. While no one can be certain of how the future may affect personnel, you can be certain of emotional stability, and mental health at the time of evaluation.

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