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Administrators often talk of problems with a wayward employee who for some reason they find impossible to get back on track and equally impossible to terminate. They beg for information on how to get out of the situation. The answer is simple: " Reduction of employee risk begins with employee selection." Too often administrators choose intuitively or based on an interview alone. And, too often, they fail to choose the best people. Today many people are "interview sophisticated" and, unless the interviewer is highly skilled and has a structured, well-planned preset interview, he or she will give away the "correct" answers. The result is often a person who is very capable of reading others but who does not hesitate to say whatever is necessary to get what he or she wants.

Some administrators have tried testing using one test only to find that any one test, even the best, will not give them the information they need. Others have used batteries of tests but have gotten burned by courts that demand the agency show how each test relates specifically to requirements, duties, and responsibilities of the particular job.

Philosophy of Employment Related Evaluation

  1. We believe that psychological testing can provide critical information when used correctly as part of a multiple faceted approach to hiring.
  2. We believe it should be the duty and responsibility of the professionals with whom you contract to provide an acceptable rationale for every evaluation instrument used as well as for the test battery. We provide this for every organization who wishes it.
  3. We believe there is no one test that can provide adequate screening for psychological problems that would prevent a person from functioning effectively in any emergency services position.
  4. We do not believe that any organization should rely on psychological testing alone as a basis for the decision as to whether or not to hire an individual. They should be used for specific reasons and only in conjunction with other evaluation tools. While testing indicates factors and features relevant to how a person functions internally and externally, it cannot provide a complete picture of the person.
  5. We believe that psychological evaluations can, when combined with history and background checks, good interviewing skills used within a structured interview and common sense, greatly increase the accuracy of predicting whether a given person has a low or high chance of success in performing a particular type of job.
Pre-employment evaluations look at three components of functioning:
  1. Organic or physical brain functioning using one or two instruments
  2. Intellectual skills and abilities using three to four instruments
  3. Personality factors using at least three instruments

We examine potential conflicts with civil rights legislation considering areas such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as it relates to each candidate's profile. We send a separate letter to the organization for each candidate sent for evaluation. Each will be recommended, conditionally recommended, or not recommended. Highlights and problems with recommendations on how to correct or compensate for them are included. Reasons for not recommending any person are clearly spelled out.

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